7 Spirits Dancing – Ezekiels Blog

https://ezekielsblog.com/2020/09/02/7-spirits-dancing/ I seen a ladder, it continued as far as my eye could see. I thought of Jacob’s ladder immediately;…

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You have rights!

Some thoughts about healthy boundaries, rights, & relational dynamics…breaking chains off the mind! HOW CONTROL IS ESTABLISHED In order to…

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Secret Place

12 Promises from Psalm 91

All throughout the Bible we can find promises for safety and provisions. Many of these promises are conditional. In Psalms…

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An Unprecedented Year

An Unprecedented year is in store God Communications Often prophetic patterns develope in seasons as you watch and pray. Dreams,…

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Why would God harden Pharoahs heart?

Why did God harden pharoahs heart? Or did He? We see this concept in Romans 9 where Paul is addressing…

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Destiny Vision

3 Keys for Destiny Dreams

Statistics show that only 3 out of every 100 people actually write down any goals for their life. It is important that we make plans,write down goals and strategize to reach goals in our life if we want to move toward our purpose and destiny as individuals or teams. There is both a spiritual aspect and natural one involved in doing this. The Lord gave me a word today and it’s called Leaning, Learning, and Laboring.

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