Sometimes during times of transition or change your emotions cycle through multiple stages as you process and adjust. Wisdom says do not rely on emotions to tell you truth. There is only one place absolute truth is found and that is in the Word of Yahweh. Allow your soul to process and go through the cycles and use these 8 keys to anchor yourself while going through.

8 keys that anchor

  • Pray always in the Spirit
  • Pray in your understanding
  • Anchor yourself to the Word of God
  • Make true biblical fasting a priority
  • Be slow to speak
  • Wait upon the Lord
  • Acknowledge Him in all you do
  • Trust in Him

Acknowledge Him in all you do
He loves you most and is infinitely wise. This too shall pass and when yeilding in absolute surrendered obedience, Expect Blessing and Reward!

God never asks us to give what He hasn’t supplied, nor does He take from us without increasing our lives!

Be steadfast, unmovable, unshakeable even when everything is being shaken- DO NOT BE MOVED!

Grace and Peace be upon you! The Kingdom is righteousness, peace, and Joy in the Holy Ghost!

There are times that it seems your walking in darkness but there are treasures hidden in darkness that cannot be found anywhere else! Do not miss your oppurtunity to seek and find!


Shaking changes the consistency of a substance! Shaking will thicken and cause a new form to emerge. Shaking will loosen what has been stuck. Shaking will prevent things from conforming. Radical Faith produces Radical Results!

Anchor in the storms

A storm surrounds Him! Crashes of Thunder and Bolts of Lightning, and yet He is the Light! Do not Fear the Storm for the refreshing rains and Sun is inside the cycle! Seasons come and seasons go, but for those who wait and trust upon the Lord, they shall not be SHAKEN!

Anchor your marriage

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One thought on “8 keys to anchor yourself

  1. Karla Walter Murphy says:

    What a Word! Our anchor is in Christ Jesus! Just as you cannot see the bottom but you know the anchor is set we have to have faith though we cannot see the end if we set our anchor in Christ and trust in Him to fulfill our destiny the ANCHOR will hold! Thank you for sharing! My spirit jumped with this affirming and encouraging Word!

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