A voice crying out

I am voice with a human heart

The enemy will try to break a relationship in order to remove a godly voice from your life. It is a tactic. The people who speak God’s word, truth, blessing, correction, reproof, sound doctrine, encouragement, edification, instruction into your life. They are pouring into your life like a pipeline. The devil hates these types of pipelines and will try his best to remove them from your life!

Protect these, God calls them gifts in the Body of Christ. If you allow the enemy to shut these voices off from your life and send voices of darkness in their place, you will find yourself in danger of traveling a broad road.

As a mother, leader, woman, role model etc I see this tactic all too often. Unfortunately honor is still a lost diamond in many lives. Everyone wants a Mr. Miyagi so to speak but one they can control like a puppet. Only speak what I want to hear or I will muffle your pipeline and not hear. It dont work that way.

A pipeline with a heart

When one chooses to shut these voices out of their life much heartbreak follows. Dont lecture me, dont tell me what to do, dont tell me how to live my life attitudes point to rebellion not submission. Godly council is wise the Proverbs says, but some do not want it. That is absolutely their choice! One hundred percent, God gives us each free will! No one should chase after or be aggressive to be a voice.

Release, let them fall, they will learn just as we did. Keep em covered in prayer, but know when they have shut the pipeline down and taken another path.

I am not just a walking heart. I am a voice. A pipeline that carries a heart filled with love. You do not get to say which party of me you want. For I am free to be me, just as you should be. ❤

A voice with a human heart

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