When God speaks

Blessed is the one who listens to Me says the Lord in Proverbs 8:34! The one who sits daily at His gates and positions themselves beside His doors! How do we do this?

In order to listen to the Lord, we must know how He speaks. He communicates in various ways as do we, however, His ways are above ours and His thoughts higher. His manifold wisdom surpasses our human intellect.
We often hear or perceive something by the Spirit of God and move thinking we are understanding what He has spoken and find it to not work out. This is frustrating and disheartening to say the least. We finally get the courage to step in faith or step out of the boat and boom it does not seem to work out. How do we safeguard these actions?

Biblical Authorizations
The Written word of God should always be sought when moving by His Spoken Voice! Taking into the equation, submitting ourselves one to another is critical here. We should trust the Spirit of God in others, especially our leaders to confirm or deny what we believe we perceive by the Spirit! ( Eph. 5:21-25)

We should take heart to check with what is written. This requires our slowing down and yielding to the Holy Spirit in multiple areas. Timing is always factor to take into consideration, but so is the truth that we do have an enemy who comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

If we rush in moving when we perceive God to speak we can get out of alignment, but the other side of that is if we freeze and don’t move we can miss our moments and opportunities.
Many say it is easy to follow and step into what God has for you. I have found the difficult parts come with what stage of maturation you are in. In my earlier years in the prophetic developing I had to pray diligently for timing synchronization. As I knew prophetic types especially are prone to move quickly and compulsively.

In the last couple of years I have found that because of vision for destiny in my life, there is a long-term building plan I am required to implement. Depending on what you are called to do and in what area or mountain so to speak; God may have you begin to “build” years before it is your “time”.
The enemy has a way of listening in when we get loose lip excited about the plans God reveals and tries to set up barricades, hinderances, delays, and traps to make us want to quit especially in the “building” stages or “process and development stages” .
Apostolic and Prophetic Types, whether in gifting, anointing or called office will have to defeat their counterparts along the way. This can take years of training with cycles of rescheduled and permitted battles and showdowns with various spirits. Most of these come through either relationships or skills training. If we quit or do not pass these testing battles we end up on repeat or worse in a pit of despair.
God uses battles and disciplines alike to form in us character, strength, and wisdom. As we listen daily, watch at His gates, and sit beside His doors we will find ourselves never having to worry about not hearing Him. We will also see, hear, or sense when the enemy is coming!
Not everything is just about our life, our plan, or God’s will for us! We must also factor in that we are all connected, many members, one body. When our destiny is linked touching another’s their decisions, perceptions and their choices can affect ours as well. This is where we rely on God’s faithfulness as we are faithful to do our part!

We recently went through an experience where God gave us a “Yes” already knowing it would not work out the way we perceived the yes! Days prior to the evidence we were already in prayer and seeking the Lord concerning why we were sensing something was wrong in the plans! We had already discerned the spirit at work and began praying about this, but knew it was not our decision. We were grieved about parts, and excited about others because we could see where God was using this for our good! Although the final outcome was not as we expected, we trust and see where God brought increase and preparation to get closer positioned to His will! We know by the circumstances that God did not cause this because it went against what is already written in various areas!

At times we do not labor enough in prayer.

Love covers so we adjusted and continued to seek the Lord and came out blessed and more knowledgeable because of it! To be honest here we have watched this same scenario play out on three different occasions in 2019 in our lives. There are times we simply do not pray enough about these types of situations as believers.  We were previously warned through dreams of what we would face and be required to overcome in order to see God’s perfect will come to pass!

Roman’s 8:28 says that He will work things out for our good when we are the called and loving Him in what we are doing! Even if someone else makes a wrong decision and hinders what we may perceive to be the perfect will of God in our lives, He is our Redeemer and He gives double for our trouble! We continue to move forward as He leads! Listening, watching and waiting!

Praise be to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who has already planned and paid for your double! Woe to those who have not checked the written word and effected others becoming a stumbling block! We are in a critical time in the Body of Christ, may we do diligence in staying in the Word and postured at His Gates and Doors daily listening to His voice! Blessings!

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