Break the Silence

Do you have a voice? Are you speaking? 

Have you ever felt you had so much to say that you didnt know where to start? I sense that the Spirit of God is about to uncap walking wells of truth!

The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence. Prov. 10:11

Battle Worn Warriors

Many have tried to emerge. Tried to walk out of the wilderness only to run into a mirage. They’ve tried to find the courage to emerge from the cave only to be hit with an undetected attack. Many struggled to rise and dust off only to be pushed back down. Its seemed like a cruel game of ready or not with a big “sike, not time yet” wearing down those warriors called to be voices.
Reflecting upon a series of dreams, visions, inspired thoughts I believe that God is about to bring sudden deliverances, sudden unwrappings, and quick uncappings of living wells meant to flow in the Word and Spirit of Truth.


Is this you? Have you felt it was time to stand, to raise, to make a move then all at once it seems to dissipate without cause? Delay has been a reason given to the masses, or the timing not right for the promise to be fulfilled.
They say some things are better with age, let it simmer, sit, age with time and the taste will be much better.

What if it’s just a stirring on the inside that you need? A stirring that brings up a vaporous action causing a rising and emerging on the inside!
Many have been silenced in these last couple of years, suffering quietly and hoping noone will notice. Making excuses to themselves and worse believing lies whispered in the dark that it’s not their place to speak.
I sense a strong unction to say it is time to open your mouth and ask for the stirring, the uncapping, the unwrapping that will bring the uprising and emergence that is much needed.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Gen. 1:2 


God does not desire you sit there and wilt, your fruit is needed to feed the hungry. The Spirit moves, He broods. He brooded over the waters in the beginning and now in what many sense as the end, He wants to brood again. Only this time He wants to brood over the waters in you! There is living water in you.

The Word is Alive 

You have stored up spoken word. Stored up memorized word! Living word meant to come alive again by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit! He wants to hover upon the deep inside of you as He carries the deep from above, that which He has searched out and longs to make known. The Mighty things, the Truth brought alive, active, and flowing in the Spirit! Open your mouth and ask for an uncapping! 

Break the silence

It is time for a Holy collision of deep uncapping deep! Time for an uprising and an emergence of the emergency supply of life source to a hungry people! Time to take that step and open our mouths and cry out, God uncap my well! God unwrap the gift in me! God stir me and cause me to arise and as a fruit bearing tree and a wellspring of life to the hungry and thirsty.
No more in silence, no more in pain, it is time for Sons and Daughters to Emerge and Reign! It is your place to speak! Now is a time for deliverance! Call unto Me, He said; and I will show you great and mighty things you know not! Jer. 33:3 

Where are Warriors carrying a Wellspring of Life? Emerge and Speak Life! 

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