An Unprecedented year is in store

God Communications

Often prophetic patterns develope in seasons as you watch and pray. Dreams, visions and words will connect with your prayer burdens. Symbolism and Signs will Confirm pointing the way. As the Prophetic Pattern emerges God leads you forward in the process of revealing all that He is unfolding in multiple realms. At times even numbers or colors emerge in patterns to confirm, sealing and speaking what God is unveiling. God keeps us engaged and leads in many ways.
1010 1111 1212 111….it always sounds like morse code in my ear. The vibrations and sound being declared in this season is a completely different beat, very unusual in my feet. We are wading deeper waters now and it is clear that the Reformation sound is here. Peaking ahead you can see Restoration is what we must seek. He is the Repairer of the Breach! Could it be the drumbeat of national revival beginning all around!? Before the rebuilding there is oft a tearing down! A move of Righteousness, Lord bring Heaven down! Can you hear that sound? May Revelators in the Secret Place be found!

We need a Move of Righteousness

The word righteousness has been so strongly upon my heart! When the moral decline continues to fall in a nation, it is the standard of righteousness that wars against it, inevitably holding the darkness back. Dividing lines marked by different ethics continue to be drawn, running deeper into the hearts of man.

Recent dreams and words

During this season as I’ve taken time to go in and revelate and process dreams, I sense the Spirit saying particular things.

For our tongues have been to sharp, and some ministries are falling down, there have been warning shots fired and a wedding is going down. Some things are passing away, and even big names set to be etched on graves. Vows are about to made and the leaders in orange are moving to their face. Walls being prepped to be restored and people are opening up the church doors! Into the marketplace many are peering, hearing this sound and feeling the ground! God is about to move and it will happen all around if you have found favor your hearing Faith’s sound.

Some are in moaning cause judgement they’ve found but they too are putting their face to the ground. Regimes and Soldiers prepare for war, both natural and spiritual are speaking forth. Guns and Weapons are being held down for many are arrested by an invisible sound. The earth gushes and stands in this wake feeling the echo as the nations shake. Under our feet the ground begins to break, above our heads heaven causing the quake. All is at peace yet all is at war the question is who are you fighting for?

Closing Thoughts

Isaiah 26:3 scripture

The Lord tells us throughout the Bible, do not fear and do not be discouraged. During times such as we live, the heat seems to be turned up, as wars and rumors of wars is blasted across every communication outlet, we must keep proper perspective.

The Times

We are in a time where repentance is necessary and deeper still. Reformation is being called for, and some are thrilled! Restoration must be sought and recoveries made, for we are moving close to the Lord’s terrible day. Unprecedented times in many ways, for we are even watching pastors be locked away. Depravity and evil seem to be all around and yet God’s Movements can still be found!

Jesus the Prince of Peace keeps us as we keep our mind stayed on Him. We must be vigilante, sober, and take time to slow down. Be still and know that I am God is both an instruction and a key. To know Him as God ; (intimately) we must be able to clear lifes clutter. Internal peace, quieted to stillness allows us to “know Him” in moments.

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    Greetings from India
    Happy to know about you
    I’m inviting you into our congregation
    Love you
    Rev Dr Joseph Ratnam

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