As I was listening to clip on the Iranian Regimes and those who are rising up, especially the young and I heard the Lord say “MANY UPRISINGS ARE HAPPENING!”
Uprising is defined as an act of standing or elevated position, an act of resistance, rebellion, or revolt.
Where are these uprisings happening? They are happening in both Kingdoms, in many groups and in several nations! These uprisings can be seen in headlines such as ” Over 200 Congressman ask US Supreme Court to reconsider Roe vs. Wade” as reported by

Church Leaders in Orange 

There are those revolting from the pews! They are taking a stand against the moral depravity of those who have held leadership positions! There are those bringing a Holy rebellion against pulpits preacher who have done dirty deeds in the dark! It was prophesied that everything hidden shall be revealed both written in Gods word and spoken prophetically by leaders!

Uprisings can be seen in countless news articles reporting church leaders being sentenced for sex crimes. I did a quick Google search ( suggested by a friend) of “pastors sentenced”, I was shocked and heartbroken at what I seen. I stopped counting at 114 leaders in orange in 2019! That was not including any catholic denomination. These uprisings are seen in places such as the recent Tribunal Letter posted all over social media on Todd Bentley. The uprisings are happening both inside the Body of Christ and in the world politics. 
If you happen to follow some of the recent “church scandals” or EXPOSURES as many are calling them, you may not see those who are rising up, but they are the nameless and faceless coming forward causing an uprising! Many have been treated unjustly, victimized and been quiet for too long. They are breaking their silence! These uncapped wells have taken a stand for JUSTICE and ROSE UP and BROKEN THEIR SILENCE for justice and righteousness sake! Returning the biblical standard and ushering in the fear of the Lord! (See tribunal letter below)

The Unborn heard

Those affected by abortion, those giving voice to the UNBORN are RISING UP BIGGER AND STRONGER. There are new voices who carry influence and authority being positioned and backed by POTUS, and they are rising up!
There are those who stand invisible but are an UPRISING! They are those praying, decreeing, declaring, and taking a stand with the ones beside them. There has been room made, an oppurtunity given by Heaven and backed by law for those with biblical belief to take a stand and speak defending justice, siding with righteousness, and regaining their voice! Now is the time to be who you were created to be! Do not be afraid! Be strong and courageous!
Many are looking intimidation in the face and saying I WILL NOT BE SILENT! I WILL NOT BE ASHAMED! Despite the violent outbreaks many are backing their 2020 candidate of choice fearlessly!

Educations War

Parents are rising up to give voice to their children’s education while the President works to overturn and put prayer and the Bible back in our classrooms. Preachers are being reminded of vision and promises and regaining their strength! Oh how we need an UPRISING OF FEARLESS, RIGHTEOUS PREACHERS IN AMERCIA AGAIN! Like the voice of Mario Marillo here in his latest article👇

What happens when there are many Uprisings?

Change! Change happens when uprising occurs! We push back the darkness, letting our voices be heard! We make room by coming into agreement with God and Biblical values as Heaven watches and listens. God has promised that if we would humble ourselves, fast and pray, turn from our wicked ways that He would come and heal our land!
Wars and rumors of wars should not be surprising because many are uprising! Of course there will be spiritual warfare! As TRUTH is spoken LIGHT goes forth, we are expelling the enemies in our land! 

I see Prophecies being fulfilled 

Change, Justice, Impeachment Hearings to name a few are all words prophesied over the last couple of years! Apostle Dutch Sheets traveled in repentance across many states along with others in his Appeal to Heaven Move,he said we had tapped into a root of Mercy! Prophet Chuck Pierce prophesied along with others about Change coming to our land! ( see article below)

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:

(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. 2Cor. 10:3-5 

Strongholds get pulled down as each one takes a stand, speaking the Word of God as wielding a Sword in hand! We are in for Unprecendented year for sure, but Change is here! We must cause the uprisings in the Body of Christ to become a movement of righteousness! Movement will create momentum as we take our stand!

Momentum gathers to itself like a giant snowball, before we know the Church of God Is moving again!!!! May we not back down, turn around or sit down except for to partake of the gifts of repentance and rest in our Lord!



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  1. Karla says:

    God is rising up an army! Do you hear the trumpet calling us to rise? Excellent word sis! Thank you for sharing!

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