Secret Place

All throughout the Bible we can find promises for safety and provisions. Many of these promises are conditional. In Psalms 91 we find a passage full of conditional promises. Often, I see people say claim Psalm 91 over such and such, but this passage is clearly for those who meet a condition in their relationship with God.

Psalm 91:1 Condition

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. 

The first three words of this passage is clearly stating that the following promises are for a specific people who meet a condition. To dwell means to live, to remain, to inhabit. This is saying for those who live in this place there are promises of safety, provisions, security, and favor.

Who are these who live here?

They are the Secret Place Dwellers. These are those who symbolically go into their room and close the door to pray. Their Father sees them in secret. The Secret Place is a place where intimacy occurs. The place where two parties become intimately acquainted. In this place of dwelling, conversation and fellowship occurs. There is a becoming One with the Spirit of God in intimacy. We cannot claim Psalm 91 promises over just everyone because everyone does not dwell in the SHELTER of the Most High. This is a spiritual address which comes with many benefits.

The Promises

1. God will be a Refuge and Fortress

2. God will Deliver from snares of the Fowler

3. God will be a covering

4. You will not fear terror at night nor day

5. You will not fear pestilence or destruction

6. Others may fall around you, but you will not be slain

7. No evil shall befall you

8. No plague shall come to your house

9. Angels will watch over you

10. You will tread and trample over evil

11. You will be heard and rescued when you call out to God

12. You will be satisfied with long life and see salvation!

Claim your promises

I encourage us everyone to dwell in the Secret Place! To take the time to be with God intimately, individually, in secret. To seek to know Him. To make our abode with Him. Not merely believing in Him and occasionally making our requests, but putting Him first and nurturing an intimate relationship where we are One with His Spirit. From this place may we lay claim to the many benefits of living in this here. Nothing doubting or wavering but simply believing Him at His Word.

Be Bold

May we boldly say, I stand with God! I choose to Believe God and therefore these promises are mine! May we meditate on and know who our God is, where we live spiritually, and what benefits come with our spiritual address! May we see the salvation of the Lord over and over as we call out to Him from this place as Secret Place Dwellers! Displaying the beautiful testimony of Jesus Christ who paid for our dwelling in the shelter of the Most High!

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