Sean & Christina Sturgeon
Sean & Christina Sturgeon

Welcome! We want to introduce ourselves; we are Sean & Christina Sturgeon and we have been passionately serving the Lord for many years. Planted and serving in a local church body, we have come to see specific needs in the lives of believers. We have keys of transformation and freedom!

Do you ever get stuck in a season desiring breakthrough? While wondering what the Lord is doing during a specific season in your life?

Additionally desiring to walk in freedom, as well as grow in the prophetic?

We have studied and applied knowledge and keys from biblical foundation that have transformed our lives and helped to bring breakthrough to others. Likewise we would love to hear any questions you may have as well.

Over the last few years we have worked in small groups. Firstly training and mentoring. Above all discipling others, Subsequently the Lord has caused a company to emerge through this.

We are currently actively learning together and growing as teams. We have a mission, a commission, and a big vision.

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The Warrior Company

Strong biblical foundations, times and seasons encouragements and breakthrough anointing continue to empower us to grow in knowledge. We are lovers of wisdom and revelation applied. Speaking life and increase over others is what this Warrior Company thrives in doing!

Giving helping hands warrior Company

Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters we have come to know the beauty of unity and community. And as we each live our daily lives, we connect and empower one another; allowing our voices to become many waters.

As we are working on writing, creating and spreading the good news, this space will be a blessing to you!

Our mission is to serve! Sharing keys of transformation and freedom! Comment and tell us about yourself!

Coach Christina

Christina is a certified life coach with a prophetic touch! She has worked one on one with many ongoing for years helping to mentor, coach, and disciple others in attaining their dreams. She is passionate about destiny, dreams and strategies that lead to promotion by the Favour of God! She does both an individual and team dynamics in teaching, mentoring and coaching! Whether you want online, phone chats, or group dynamic there is something available to help you focus and grow!

Warrior Wear Mission was birthed to help to establish a mission and ministry fund. Prophetic accessories including jewelry, wall decor, wallets, bags and more are all created during times of prayer and worship! An etsy shop was birthed through a dream and a creative anointing practically overnight! Sean and Christina are both passionate about created unique gifts whether for yourself or your friends and family! All proceeds are sent directly into a ministry fund where they are keeping the promise of discipling nations at the forefront of their vision!

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Credentials and accountability

Sean & Christina are licensed ministers planted in local body at Go Ministries Intl.

We are serving as Teachers, Youth Pastors, and Volunteers in Jail Ministry for many years now

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One thought on “About Us

  1. Janet Williamson says:

    Hi there, stumbled on your ministry whilst reading Ps 91 on my mob phone….was covering my younger brother who is attending hospital in the morning for an X- Ray of his lungs due to an Asthma flare up?. He left me a text message telling me this and telling ME not to worry. I’m not worried, HE is. I know my brother, that’s why he text me so late. I reminded him of our darling Mother who had been a child of God way before we were born and her favourite scripture which she prayed over us all the days of her life till she passed last September was Ps 91. I reminded him of this and to remember to speak these words over himself too. Not to allow fear to takeover…..but to remain in the Peace which only God can give. Happy to have found your ministry and will look into this as this is no coincidence. This was meant to be. God bless you both and your ministry. Janet x

  2. DHil says:

    I need prayer for my firm. We never lose a client unless death or bankruptcy.. Our clients experience some of the best advice available.. Yet we are not getting referrals as one should expect. We spend most of our time in research and client visits; therefore, time to solicit is very limited. I am lost at what to do, since we pray for our firm and our employees. Can you pray for our firm in NC. We are Financial Planners and Consultants.

    1. Christina Sturgeon says:

      Praying for breakthrough and God’s guidance!

  3. Regina Ivy says:

    Hello. My name is Regina. I am a surviving widow since 3/9/2014. I have 8 children that I have kept in prayer all their lives. We need breakthroughs for all the different areas of our lives individually. Not to try to mention all of our ‘ woes’ here, but when u pray the Holy Spirit will utter all of our imperfections that need to be called out. Thanx for being kingdom workers..

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