Coach Christina- Sturgeon

Prophetic Life Coach, Speaker, Blogger

A few things about coaching

Q. Who does prophetic life coaching help?
A. Those who are a little overwhelmed, burnt out, or maybe just so full of ideas they don’t know where to start! Anyone who may need to talk it through, recieve biblical encouragement accompanied by realistic goals and strategies that fit their lifestyle.

My job is not to necessarily mentor or counsel, but to help you pinpoint your desires, blockages, hinderances, and priorities. This is to help you advance, learn self-care, and optimize whatever areas you feel you are stuck in. I want to help UNLOCK you to your next potential! By working together we will find realistic goals and create strategies to accomplish those goals so that you grow to a new height!
What do I mean by “Prophetic Life Coaching”?
I simply pray before engaging in a session, live a lifestyle of prayer and fasting, and tune into the Holy Spirit to direct me in the natural phases of life coaching. We work as a team. It is very helpful at times to have someone who can see from the outside and prompt thinking patterns.
Q. Does this mean I will prophecy to you?
A. Not necessarily, however if the Holy Spirit prompts me to speak that way it will be thread in depending on hunger and desire. There is no guarantee that I will give (or recieve from Lord) you a personal prophecy or general prophetic word. However I have learned for many years how the Holy Spirit leads conversation to encourage, edify, instruct, strengthen, and build. I also know how He prompts questions to get us thinking on a specific pathway to empower us to find both roots and new blooms so that our lives can advance as God wills.
Hope this answers a few questions about prophetic life coaching! All coaching is biblically based! Contact me today!